LED lighting projects can be funded at all scales. MAP LED works with specialist funders to find the most appropriate, cost effective and simplest routes to finance these projects. At the small scale – less than £20,000, peer-to-peer funding applications can be made online and funding can be set up within days.

For most projects leasing and hire purchase arrangements are now very popular, especially as Enhanced Capital Allowances can be claimed on hire purchased equipment, and most installation and design costs can be included.

In each case the rates are competitive and like those for other commercial asset backed or project funding.

Energy efficiency does not come at a premium. With leasing and hire purchase funding, MAP LED works with its customers to understand the costs and benefits and then works with funding partners to model the repayments against the savings made. Usually only some of the savings are required to repay the funding required and customers are able to retain the rest.

Customers, can make reliable, long-term energy cost savings from the outset, for no capital expenditure. MAP–LED offers funding with most of its projects, and perhaps not surprisingly, around a quarter of customers take up this option.


Enhanced Capital Allowances mean that the full value of the LED lighting technology can be written off against corporation tax profits in the first year.

  • Up to 80% Power Savings

  • 5 Year Full Replacement Warranty

  • Matched or Improved Output

  • Optimal Colour Temperature

  • Controllable and Switchable

  • Mercury Free and Zero UV or IR

  • Increased Operating Lifetime

  • Maximum ROI and Energy Savings

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