Carbon Neutral Company

Commercial LED Lighting

It is important for all commercial premises to have high quality lighting, but this can be an expensive undertaking given their long opening hours. Here at MAP, we provide you with an LED solution.

LED lighting systems generate high quality, fully controllable lighting that is perfect for commercial space.  LED lighting is a cost effective way to reduce your energy consumption, carbon footprint and environmental impact as LED lights are much more efficient than traditional lighting.

Here at MAP Environmental, your new LED low energy lighting solution can be purchased through our unique "Funded Solution" scheme, which requires no capital outlay and allows you to make substantial savings from day 1.

Businesses can expect;

• Savings from day 1

• Instant 60% – 80% saving on electricity and carbon

• Superior quality of light

• All products carry a 5 year warranty

• Lights last longer (up to 60,000 hours), typically 10-12 years – No maintenance

• MAP Environmental products are eligible for 100% first year capital allowance on investment

• Benefit from huge carbon reduction commitment tax savings

• To summarise, LED lighting saves time, money and the environment


All lights are designed and supplied through our sister company