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MAP LED takes energy saving extremely seriously. Our expertise in designing, supplying and installing energy-saving LED lighting solutions has made us a trusted first choice among some of Britain’s largest retailers, as well as construction companies, councils, hospitals, housing associations, manufacturers and universities.

Our industry leading Kodak LED lightbulbs come in all shapes and sizes and are suitable for every application. Our solutions use far less electricity, so dramatically reducing energy costs. Our Kodak LED solutions are guaranteed to last for 5 years (50,000 hours) and are likely to last even longer than this, particularly if used in conjunction with efficient lighting contols. Furthermore, Kodak LED’s deliver vastly improved quality of light, so creating a more effective working environment.

MAP LED has been manufacturing and installing LED lights since 2007. We have successfully supplied and installed LED lights for companies such as BT, DX, Sky, and NEXT – saving these and many other businesses thousands of pounds off their energy and maintenance bills. Unique amongst other energy management companies, MAP-LED works in partnership with Kodak to develop an extensive range of LED luminaires and is the UK’s sole distributor of Kodak LED technology.

We are skilled at installing all solutions in difficult and demanding situations – commercially sensitive, 24/7 working environments and where there can be no disruption to core business activities and our approach works well for any size of operation. We are also able to offer finance options through a panel of energy efficiency funding specialists.ironment.